About ValidateJOB

All about our company
ValidateJOB is a division of MaGlobe, Inc., a company based in Fremont, CA; which started activities in December 2014. As a company, we have been innovative and developed products for niche markets and expanding opportunities since 2001. MaGlobe has a strong technical, commercial and financial background with a profitable revenue stream.

Our company history
MaGlobe (www.MaGlobe.com) was conceptualized in April 1999 and began operations in August 2000. Since then we have continually reviewed the needs of our users and have developed products to meet those needs.

MaGlobe initially started as a Prepaid Internet Access provider and had grown in to one of the largest providers in the segment, catering to the needs of individual and corporate travelers using Broadband Toll Free Internet Access. The main purpose of the service had been to allow our subscribers seamless Internet access using a single Username and Password from any MaGlobe location worldwide. Unlike other ISPs which depended on third parties to connect their subscribers when they travel overseas, MaGlobe provided worldwide services directly to end users. Unfortunately, with the advent of free Wi-Fi access, the dialup business has almost disappeared.

September 2006 was a major milestone when we got into the Digital Signage business and started doPublicity Digital Signage (www.doPublicity.com). doPublicity provides comprehensive and easy to use Digital Signage software that works on any Windows PC connected to a TV or Monitor. It is a software solution that lets users Remotely Manage all Screen, Content, Banner and Playlist setting for all their installations from a single location. In addition to software, doPublicity also is a provider of Digital Signage content for banking, hospitality, retail and restaurant businesses.

December 2014 saw the launch of ValidateJOB (www.ValidateJOB.com), a unique web site designed to assist job search applicants in differentiating themselves from other applicants, while making it easier for employers to hire them. ValidateJOB accomplishes this by providing job applicants a ValidateJOB Report based on their background check and additional wizard based tools that make the job search process a lot easier.

ValidateJOB benefits from this history of successful implementation of technology and marketing based concepts and expects to re-create a success story in a new business segment.
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