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Behavioral Job Interviews

  With this type of interview it is assumed that past behavior is the best indicator of future performance. With that in mind, during the interview the job applicant will be asked questions to demonstrate his or her competencies by answering questions related to knowledge, skills, abilities and actual experience. The questions asked will be open ended and it is very important that the job applicant provide specific examples of where they used these competencies in their previous jobs. The interviewer is not interested in hearing that you could do something but instead that you have done it in past jobs.

While it can be intimidating, this type of interview gives you an opportunity to talk in detail about your actual job experience and why you are the best suited candidate for the job.

You can expect to be asked questions like “give me an example of…..” or “tell me about a time when…….”

With every example you share your goal should be to state the problem, how you resolved it and the results you achieved as a result of resolving the problem. You can use this technique for all experiences.

When preparing for a behavioral interview it will be important to have an idea of the competencies that the employer might be looking for. The following are a list of commonly used competencies:
  • Decision Making
  • Knowledge skills
  • Enthusiasm
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Communication
  • Flexibility
  As you prepare for your interview, come up with examples of specific situations where you have had to use these competencies.  
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