How does ValidateJOB help

ValidateJOB could be helpful in numerous situations where an applicant is keen to demonstrate their confidence and integrity, by taking the initiative of getting a ValidateJOB background check and including the summary as a part of the job application portfolio / package.

Employers have always valued applicants who express confidence and take initiative to achieve their goals. This could be a clear indicator of what they can expect from one individual on the job.

  • New graduates could differentiate themselves from others by displaying a ValidateJOB Verification Report, to their potential employer; in addition to their academic achievements.

  • Job applicants with past infractions could learn of their documented history and provide this (ValidateJOB Verification Report) information upfront to prospective employers. This would give them an opportunity to explain the past incidences to the prospective employer and discuss the situation with the decision maker.

  • Job applicant who have been out of the workforce can demonstrate that despite their not having been employed for an extended period, they have maintained a clear history. This could be a crucial factor for a prospective employer, as they could misconstrue the long break in employment period as a negative; while it could be easily explained during the application process.
    Possible reasons someone may not have worked:
    - Medical emergency
    - Time off to look after children / other family members
    - Break for retraining / furthering education
    - Adverse market conditions

  • Part time job applicants find themselves in a very competitive environment, as there are a larger number of people applying for these jobs. Consequently, employers have to deal with a larger number of job applications and it only makes sense to differentiate yourself from others.

  • In-home services such as babysitters, caregivers, house cleaning, etc. necessitates that a significant element of trust and faith be established between the employer and applicant. Proactively showing the employer a ValidateJOB Verification Report, displays this and is vital for these jobs.
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