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Get and Manage ValidateJOB Report

  Get ValidateJOB Report
  • Login to your ValidateJOB account
  • On Dashboard, click on Get ValidateJOB Report
  • Fill in required information and complete transaction

The transaction is processed in real-time and informs status of the transaction immediately. In most cases, the ValidateJOB Report is then processed within 10-15 minutes and available for use and viewing, in the Dashboard.

ValidateJOB Management Options
View Summary
: View a summarized version of the ValidateJOB Report which does not include any personal information.
View Details: View a detail version of the ValidateJOB Report, which includes all particulars of the background check.
Download Report: Download the Summary or Detail ValidateJOB Report in PDF format for printing or emailing.
Verification Setup: Setup how you would like a prospective employer to view your ValidateJOB Report.
Options include the ability to limit the items being shown and setup a Secure PIN, without which an employer cannot view the ValidateJOB Detail Report.

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