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Request Employment and Personal References

  Request a Reference
  • Login to your ValidateJOB account
  • On Dashboard, click on Request Reference
  • Select option from Employment or Personal Reference and click on the Next button
  • Enter Recipients Information and click on the Next button
  • Enter Your Information and click on the Next button
  • View and edit Email Message and click on the Next button
    Note: The Email Message is created using a template and may be edited to suit your request.
  • Preview Email and click on the Finish button

An email with your request will be sent to the Recipient, who could respond to your request and post the Employment or Personal Reference on the ValidateJOB site. You will be informed as soon as the Reference is posted.

Reference Management Options
View: View Reference
Disable / Enable: Set whether you would like to have the Reference included in your job applications
Delete: Delete Reference - This will permanently remove the Reference
Download: Download the Reference in a PDF format for printing or emailing

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