What is ValidateJOB Report

ValidateJOB is designed with one purpose in mind - to differentiate you from the crowd

It does this by allowing you to pro-actively manage your background check information, resume, references and job search.

An individual could consider using ValidateJOB services to make sure that the information that the prospective employer might see is accurate or take any corrective steps they consider necessary, before the employer sees the information.

Conducting these checks before an interview and providing a summary of this information to a prospective employer along with other relevant data such as references, indicates that the person seeking the job is confident and has made the effort to differentiate themselves from other job applicants.

In addition, ValidateJOB also provide free tools for job applicants:
  • Resume preparing wizard tool
  • Employment and Personal Reference Management System
  • Upload and Manage Portfolio
  • Job Application Builder to email Resume, References, Portfolio and ValidateJOB Report (if purchased) to employers
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