Why Employers like ValidateJOB

Employers typically have a tough task when it comes to sifting through large number of job applications, interviewing candidates and select persons who best fit their organization.

Since unemployment is in the 9% range, job applicants apply for multiple job opening and consequently employers end up receiving larger than normal number of job applications. The employers then have to go through these applications and short list job applicants for interviews, who they think would work best for them.

On completing the interview process, they could then select their candidate and make a job offer. On acceptance of the job offer, the employer may conduct a background check on the employee to determine further suitability.

In case the selected candidate fails to meet the employer's requirements, the employer is back to square one – as they need to go through the selection process again.

As ValidateJOB is an employee initiated check, the employer would be better informed about the person being interviewed and have their background information in advance. Placing the onus on the job applicant before the interview process relieves the employer of concerns related to the job applicant not meeting their requirements.

In addition, job applicants who attach a ValidateJOB Report to their application may stand out from others as this demonstrates a level of confidence and makes the employer look at the applicant in a positive manner.

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